Why Diary

Why Diary of a Workcover Victim?


You may have asked yourself why I chose to call this site Diary of a Workcover Victim – the answer is very simple, it is to remind all injured workers to KEEP A DIARY! Why? To protect yourself !

We strongly advise all injured workers to keep a Diary – which is a daily log that covers every little, minute thing that happens to you from the day you’re injured till the day you don’t think it’s of any importance anymore, and then keep it for another 6 to 12 months!

This diary should show every expense that you incur while on the workcover system, and include for example weekly payments received, travel expenses incurred and even the cost paid for a box of band-aids or Panadol that is needed for your injury.

Record everything that transpires between you and doctors, rehabbers, vocational assessors, IMEs, particularly everything related to the insurance company, such as conversations between you and your case manager (however we recommend to keep contact limited to writing only, email is fine) etc. absolutely EVERYTHING  must be logged daily.

Remember, the name of this evil game is survival, and with this diary you can protect your butt, for example when lawyers for the insurance company (aka the defense lawyers) demand documentation in front of a  judge or anyone else that cares.  Make a copy of every piece of paper you come into contact with.

Buy yourself a recorder and use that to recall all information for your diary. Record questions asked with date(s), the answers and who gave the answers.  Also record who asked the question.

The number one answer to a question asked by judges to insurance company lawyers is “I don’t recall saying anything like that”.  Now you will have proof.

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  1. why does an injured worker need to prove negligence on behalf of the employer to claim compensation for an injury sustained in the course of performing duties involved in that job

    • @Gutted – injured workers only need to prove negligence to be able to sue their employer (insurer) for a common law damages case. Our workers comp system is a “no fault” system and injured workers are entitled to workcover benefits when injured on the job (however they need to prove work was the cause or at least a major contributory factor of their injury or illness).

      Workcovervictim3 August 1, 2014 at 7:48 pm
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