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If you are not represented by a (decent) lawyer, shame on you!

Why do you need a (decent) workcover lawyer?

Do I need a lawyer?  Yes!  This is the number one question asked by just about every (more seriously *) injured worker, and we say this without the slightest hesitation.  The only bargain or leverage you’re going to find in this sick and twisted system, is your right to have a lawyer of your choice represent you.

Without a lawyer specialising in workers’ compensation, you basically have little to no chance of getting what is rightfully yours – it’s that simple.

You see workcover insurance companies use nothing but a form of “anti- compensation terrorism” that starts the minute you enter the system, especially once you start claiming for lost time.

Your weekly payments start getting late for no reason and your endless calls to your case manager get you nowhere.  You then call your state’s workcover authority – for example the Victorian WorkSafe “Advisory Service” and they’re on a break or really can’t help you unless you have a ‘denial notice’ (for conciliation).  Weeks go by, still nothing… you and your family now struggle to put food on the table… the panic really sets in.  What do you do? Take it from us, get a lawyer  at the first sign of trouble! Decent lawyers will help you with ensuring you obtain what is rightfully yours (such as weekly pay, home help, taxi, physio, even surgery etc) as part of their service (and usually at no extra cost).

Worker’s compensation (or personal injury) lawyers are actually your very last line of defense against a multi-billion dollar, profiteering workcover-insurance industry.

If you have been (trying to) representing yourself up to now, you can -and should- switch  and get represented by a lawyer, like our personally most highly recommended lawyers now.  Just walk into an office of a reputable workers’ compensation lawyer/ law firm and say you want to be represented. First consultations are free of charge, so ‘shop’ around if you don’t feel comfortable with the first (couple) you consult.

You’re probably wondering why the authors (and the founder) of such (yes, totally amazing) blog on the ins and out of workcover compensation is telling to get a lawyer.  We can tell you the reason why you need a lawyer in three little but big meaning words: “insurance company lawyers”aka the defence lawyers (see below for a list) for the very deep pocketed workcover insurance companies.  Most of the trouble injured workers will eventually face with their workcover claims – i.e. comes settlement time for example – can be traced directly to these parasites, excuse our French, defense lawyers.

Many of those defense lawyers  have probably caused more pain and suffering to injured workers than any combined physical and psychiatric injury or trauma imaginable. They’re immoral, their job is immoral and they are ruthless.

Unless you know your rights and how to protect them, defense lawyers for the insurance company will pay their bills with your mistakes.  Please don’t make it easy for those immortal parasites defense lawyers, get a good lawyer.

(* by more seriously we mean, more than just spraining your ankle or suffering from for example a broken leg that will heal with no complications within 4-6 weeks)

What is a decent lawyer?

In a nutshell there are basically only two kinds of lawyers: Those who remember your name and those who don’t – simple! Those who rip injured workers off fall under those who don’t remember your name.

Some workers comp lawyers are definitely the real thing.  They care about their clients – us – the injured workers. Unfortunately those genuine, caring lawyers are harder and harder to find.

The worst lawyers are the assembly-line-factory-type lawyers or law firms (aka sharks or ambulance chasers).

They are strictly in the business for the quick money.

They represent hundreds of injured workers at one given time, so many that we know of one such a lawyer talk five injured sods into settling in one and a half hours!  This shark- by the way -also had to have his PA call out the injured workers’ names before he went into “conference” mode, because he couldn’t even remember their faces or their claims! These lawyers often talk about “take it and run” – be very very careful!

Decent workers compensation Lawyers

In this (and the comment) section we’ll list some decent workers compensation lawyers – based on “word of mouth” reputation from injured workers


Visit Zaparas Lawyers Website>>


Please contact our beloved, good-looking (hey girls!), down to earth, warm, empathic but “kick-ass” Managing Associate – Lawyer John Typaldos. The most compassionate and ethical lawyer we have ever met!


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If you are in Queensland, Please contact our absolutely delightful, compassionate and truly amazing Lawyer Stuart MacLeod. The nicest and most ethical lawyer we have ever met in Queensland!

Did you know you can switch over to Zaparas from another Lawyer/law firm?

Do you have an ongoing claim with another law firm and are unhappy with how things are progressing?

We know how you feel. Here at Zaparas Lawyers we often get people contacting us, many of whom are unhappy with their current law firm. This generally is because they have been through several lawyers within their current law firm or are not receiving regular communication as to how their case is progressing.

Often, switching or changing your claim to another law firm is the best way to move forward and get the outcome you need.

At Zaparas Lawyers your case will be handled by the same experienced lawyer from start to finish. To get the best possible outcome, it is important that the same lawyer handles your case from the outset to resolution.

In addition, we don’t have the overheads of the big law firms, so you get a more experienced lawyer working on your case but without the hefty legal fees.


How do I change or switch my claim to Zaparas Lawyers?

Switching your claim to Zaparas Lawyers is easy – just contact us and we’ll walk you through all the details and the steps required based on your specific situation. We have years of experience dealing with other law firms, which means we can sort out the transfer of your claim as quickly as possible.


Why switch your claim to Zaparas Lawyers?

We have the experience and a proven track record of securing the best possible outcome for our clients. We aim to achieve maximum compensation for you in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, we promise to keep you well-informed of the status of your claim and will always be available to answer any questions or queries you may have.

We take the time to listen to your story which gives us a deep understanding of what happened and how it’s affecting your emotional and financial wellbeing. We will do everything in our power to make the legal process as straightforward and stress-free as possible. All this and more are why many people choose to make the switch to Zaparas Lawyers.

So, make the switch today. Call Zaparas Lawyers on 1800 927 272 or simply fill in your details on the form and we will get in touch.

Beware of UNION-affiliated lawyers

Disgraced personal injury lawyers

warning bad lawyer ahead

Fined workers compensation lawyers

Lawyers or law firms to avoid


Below is a list of workers compensation specialists who work for the defense side – that is, they defend the greedy workcover insurers (and employers), and should therefore best be avoided by injured workers! We’re not saying they are bad lawyers, immoral or whatever, but they do defend the insurers (and employers).

Workers’ Compensation Law Specialists to avoid by injured workers for obvious reasons include:


We regularly publish cases involving bad lawyers. You can find them by searching under the tag or category “lawyer”.

Do you know of a good, caring non-shark lawyer or law firm specialised in workcover injuries? Please share them!

Updated 5 June 2019

269 Responses to “Decent workcover lawyers”

  1. McCristal Injury Lawyers, great service and they are always there for you

    • We never ever heard from them. Have you got a personal experience with them? Nobody ever mentioned them before. Sounds like an ad – sorry!

      • Yes they helped my friend, none of the big firms would help him, he got six years backpay and ongoing payments, They didn’t charge him to much

  2. I’m on my own income protection policy rather than WorkCover. My insurance company has just asked me to attend an IME and everything I’ve read about these appointments is horrible. There seem to be many people recommending you engage a good solicitor before attending an IME. Can anyone recommend a good lawyer in Sydney for this?

  3. contact Kathy from Melbourne injury Lawyers – 8311 1888 – works from a few offices but we see her in Glenroy. She has managed our case with care and not greed. Highly recommend her

  4. Simon Flower from flower and associates is very good. Caring and committed. He’s in adelaide, SA. I can recommend him from experience. He has access knowledgeable barristers and previously worked for the crown and a big law firm. I value him and recommend him highly.

  5. Kathy from Melbourne injury lawyers is very good. Glenroy (03) 8311 1888 – we got screwed by some “big name firms” they all tried to sell us out. she has fought for US. great lawyer.

  6. Hi there, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good lawyer in VIC? I’m years past injury and heading into my 5th surgery. Thanks.

  7. Can anyone recommend a good lawyer in adelaide?

  8. With workers compensation claim, I was very unhappy with the service from my GMP lawyer. However, I feel very appreciative of the kindness and professionalism with Law Partners and strongly recommend them

  9. Typical. How out of date were you?

  10. Hey,

    Have you appealed to QCOMP.

    I can recommend some IR lawyers.

    • Hi Jeff, my case is way past that point. I have not met the timeframes of the appeal and requested an extension of time. WCQ used a barrister for that applications and I harly got to say 2 words then was dismissed. I asked about protection and rights and Deputy O’Conner of IRC was really rude and there is ZERO impartiality whatsoever in the whole government system as far as I am concerned. I was now told it has to do with interpretation – WHATEVER. Wrong is wrong and right is right. Nothing to do with interpretation unless you are a criminal and wrong = right in that case…

  11. Which tribunal…

  12. Someone stated the folowieng
    “Also, I just found out from the police that if you can prove they lied in statements that would be required for proceedings etc, the police will charge them for perjury. I assume they will also charge for fraud, obstruction of justice (eg withholding evidence required) etc, provided you can prove it”
    My employer made fals teatementes in 2013 and 2014 to Q-comp at that time now nowin as Industrial Commissioner.
    Is it still possible to report it to the police

    • @Petrus, I am a seriously injured worker and have battled/survived the nightmare for a decade or so, even though my injuries were black on white (as in smashed limb). Many employers will sadly LIE in their statements to avoid liability as in the potential for a common law suit. Even though they themselves don’t pay the injured worker (it comes from their insurer), their premiums can and will go up (sometimes through the roof). It is a common offense. I know of some employers that will state for example that their truck driver (who got massively injured due to negligence as in no maintenance of truck) is or was a drug user, even though the truck driver was never found positive on any drug test. They will falsify servicing (mechanical) files for the truck(s) that caused accidents, even when there were multiple truck drivers who complained about the need for repairs (in writing). Even with witnesses. Files and evidence goes “missing”and it becomes he said/she said. It’s absolutely shocking to what lengths some employers will lie, as well as other people involved within the workcover system such as ïnspectors, investigators, and, of course so called independent medical examiners. Employers will also lie in a court of law. It is NOT easy to have their lies rectified. I know a few injured workers who are in a similar situation, where there were even witnesses. Witnesses (as in for example co-workers) often get threatenend with the sack by the employer for stating the truth….
      If you do have hard evidence of lies/false statements, then your best option is to consult a good personal injury lawyer who may be able to get the necesary evidence together. Going to the police won’t help much, you would still need a lawyer to prepare the case.

      Another Victim April 7, 2018 at 6:29 pm
      • Tell me more.

        I’m a former lawyer.

        Defence lawyers are parasites.

        Mullins lawyers are shylocksters.

        • Jeff—You’re a former lawyer? Are you a former lawyer with an interest in assisting state-wide class actions and other activities aimed at holding the corrupt accountable?

          Nothing Left To Lose April 8, 2018 at 2:09 am
          • I am happy to be contacted. I was retired with a work caused Anxiety. I reported my employer to the LEgal Services Commission… then had to report the LSC to the corruption Commission!!!

            • Hello Jeff. I’m another Victim of this Inhumane and Corrupt System.
              I would be grateful to be part of any action to bring this System to… JUSTICE… I want Justice

        • @Jeff, I totally agree with you that there are many useless money greedy lawyers around. Many of those defense lawyers (those who work for the insurance company to DENY / MINIMISE your compensation) have probably caused more pain and suffering to injured workers than any combined physical and psychiatric injury or trauma imaginable. They’re immoral, their job is immoral and they are ruthless.
          If the police were to really act on false/misleading statements etc that would be great. But they don’t. They can’t really because all is tied in with workcover, which has it’s own inspectors, commisssion and what not, and basically make the ultimate decision.
          If it was that simple (I refer to police help) there would also, for example, not be any very bad and immoral, lying IME’s around, even those who take the oath and swear in Court that they only tell the truth. There are many examples of such IMEs around, who have scathing court reports (judge essentially canes them), who have been caught out lying and whatnot… and who SADLY are simply allowed to continue their usual business. How come? How is this possible? It’s perjury, obstruction of justice etc and they still walk and work.

          • Hope you are recovering…

            I was ruthless with Mullins and they hated it.

            I am dealing with TAL as my income protection insurer…. They sent me a letter complaining that I had caused case managers to feel threatened and harrassed!!!

            I love it!

            They threaten me and lie and cheat… So I give it back to them… They are scum and got owned by me at a Financial Ombudsmans Service referral. IT was awesome to see them on the back foot. Then they started up again, abusive IMEs false reports etc!!!

    • Petrus,

      That was me. I have been bullshitted to by everyone for the last two years, including lawyers, and I have a better knowledge of employment law than most due to previous job and studies. I knew they were lying and couldn’t do anything about it!

      They also lied about not being able to do anything about criminal offences. (This includes lawyers and WorkSafe themselves.) Lies! I called the police in frustration a few nights ago. I asked:

      1) If there is any criminal offence if I stick a bit of paper on Bill Shorten’s office window just with sticky tape. It’s a federal offence and is taken very seriously by AFP while Bill Shorten and WorkSafe and others are free to break laws as much as they want!

      2) Who the appropriate contact is, understanding that there is probably no precedent, to notify government that I have legal immunity too, because if there’s no Rule Of Law then there’s no law at all, and if others can break the law and get away with it, then so can I.
      The constable said I can’t do that, it’s not the way it works, and that there are proper channels. He asked what criminal laws have been broken and I said lying in WorkSafe statements to start. He said if I can take documentation into the police station and prove to them that this is true, that it sounds like perjury and the police would charge.

      I posted here a few times with links to the relevant laws (fraud, perjury, false and misleading statements, intimidation to stop a person exercising a right.)

      I recommend calling your cop shop and asking for someone who knows the law well, as I did.

      Who knows if there is more corruption around the corner this way, but I’m planning to write an open letter to Cory Bernardi and publish it on the internet first anyway, so after that everything will be transparent for the first time in two years.

      NB I have spoken to a range of MP’s and they don’t help, and won’t even pretend they’ll help if you’re not their constituent. Bill Shorten would be my local MP if I was across the road! Instead my local is a Greenie 10 suburbs away, and after using the call as an opportunity to boast about themselves they admit there’s probably nothing they “can” do.

      The other week I called Cory Bernardi, hoping a Conservative would care more about Australian citizens than the corrupt criminals in the main parties. His office didn’t care or ask where I was located, and didn’t want me to tell them everything on the phone.

      They welcomed an email for assistance no matter the minute details, and no matter where in Australia I am. Perhaps a heap of us should write to Cory Bernardi or other Conservatives?

      Nothing Left To Lose – Watch out corrupt animals! April 8, 2018 at 1:55 am
    • Petrus, I replied but I don’t think it posted in reply to you. According to a constable at my local cop shop, you can. See this page for my detailed response.

      Nothing Left To Lose – watch out corrupt animals April 8, 2018 at 2:12 am
    • The police are not interested in Perjury unless its their case. I would encourage you to report it – then please come back and tell us ALL what the police tell you. I would be very surprised if they even take a statement. “is a civil matter” guaranteed response.

      • I tend to agree. However if it’s a lawyer roger them to the legal services commission.

        Keep as much info as you can.

        If it’s the insurer then it’s a matter for the ombudsman and accc

        Dont forget there is a current insurance inquiry. It’s taken very seriously.

        I am happy to respond to anyone on these issues.

        • Hi Jeff, I have a current case before a tribunal. I am in desperate need for some assistance in terms of how to structure questions and what I am allowed to ask. Can you please assist me?

  13. If you were Bill Shorten, you could get pro-Bono legal assistance from one of the most expensive lawyers around. Even if you could afford to pay. See his declaration of gifts received and possible conflicts of interest.

    Nothing left to lose – watch out corrupt animals April 6, 2018 at 4:23 pm
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