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As depicted in the “workcover resources” menu, this section covers the following topics:

  • Workcover legislation by state
  • Return to Work: statutory requirements in each state
  • Workcover employment issues: Injured worker on workers compensation (workcover) also face other , such as time-off on workers compensation affect accruing for annual and/or long service leave; retirement and workcover; rehabilitation and termination (sacking) issues; public holidays; long service leave; superannuation, and rostered days off (i.e for nurses and others working rostered shifts).
  • Bullying in the workplace: this section gives an overview of the types of orders that can be issued by the (new 2014) Fair Work Commission (FWC) anti-bullying provisions and other avenues/remedies a worker can possibly pursue if alleged bullying in the workplace occurs. It also outline the definition of bullying and what you can and need to do to make an application to the FWC …etc.
  • Occupational (work) Health and Safety: Australian Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) legislation (the proper term being Work Health and Safety (WHS)) focuses on the prevention workplace injuries and illnesses. All Australian employers/companies must – by law – comply with their relevant state, territory or Commonwealth OHS legislation. Apart from giving an overview of the relevant state WHS legislation, this section also covers injury notification, outlining what and how work injuries (and illnesses) need to be reported to the relevant state authority. Workers also have the right to refuse to do unsafe or dangerous work.
  • Legal cases or Caselaw: in this section we regularly publish and discuss interesting workcover legal cases (workcover court cases) from all Australian states, simply because there is so much to learn from them! This section also contains links to relevant court judgements in all jurisdictions (states).
  • Useful resources in the form of links