Banter is the talk that takes place amongst friends that is give and take amongst those friends.


What a miserable get together it would be if we all had to mind our P’s & Q’s!

Use and abuse the page, connect with like-minded people, keep us updated on our pro(and con)gress (!), says something witty, share your thoughts, whatever… use it as a blank canvas!

Over the past few months we have noticed that many injured sods feel the need to connect or stay connected, to keep us and the virtual and real friends they have made updated, have a whinge, a virtual cry, seek a hug, a shoulder to lean on, try to find their own feet in the real (stinking) sewer that the workers compensation system is, reach out and so forth… and that many of you have been commenting on various, and perhaps not-so “suitable” pages…

So, we decided to set up this  page called “banter”, which you can use specifically for all of the above! Enjoy 😉

Note: You can also use the “Vent!” page, to give outlet to thoughts or emotions…about all things workcover. If you need help or have a question that needs answering, please use the “Need Help” page.



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  1. I am a 56-year-old male. I worked with an up-and-coming supermarket chain for 5.5 years until April this year.

    I started having pain in the right elbow in Oct 2016 and was referred to see a company doctor in the CBD. She was very sympathetic and understanding and chased the Area Manager out of the room at the initial consultation.

    The doctor left after 2 months and I started to see a different male doctor every 2 weeks for the next 2 months. The doctor would be booked for the following session but another would step in when the appointment was due.

    I felt harassed and bullied by them as they would asked point blank what I was doing there. One suggested I should have recovered within 3 months (and implicitly, stopped wasting his time). Another wanted me to go back to see the last doctor the following week even though I was still working my normal hours and told him I had to take time coming into clinic.

    Their bedside manners were atrocious.

    I reported my bad experience to the company Safety Coordinator and eventually got to see my own GP for follow-ups.

  2. Thanks for the details we were seeking this while we were scanning the internet and even your website turned up– Many thanks

    Jenna Wanberg June 2, 2016 at 12:31 am
  3. Hi, I’m very glad that you have got the site up again.
    I writing because I take an interest in privacy complaints in NCAT and I have been wondering if a privacy review applicant annonymised as AOZ visits this site. (AOZ had a work injury, as did I). If so I wonder if she would be interested in talking to me (ALZ).

  4. I have written in before and would like to say how impressed I have been with your site over the last 4 years. My lawyer and I finally settled in conciliation with work cover SA an amount where after tax, repayments to Centrelink, weekly appts to my psych (yes the wc system and my employer mucked around with my mental health so much, that I had to have ECT this year and no I don’t feel that great, that I am going to be one of those statistics) that I will have such a small amount of money there is no point trying to make something out of my life, so I have worked out there will be enough for my funeral just!

  5. For those of you that have been to conciliation what sort of things do I need to provide. It’s to argue that I need ongoing medical treatment.

    • @Porsche, the most important thing is to ask ALL your own supportive medical treater(s) (e.g GP, physio, psychologist, psychiatrist, surgeon, etc) for SUPPORT by providing you with a supportive letter/report (in evidence with the matter you are disputing). Workcover (insurer) has to pay for any reports you may ask from any of your own treating doctors (so just make an appointment with your doctors and request a report for conciliation -explain what you are disputing- and explain they should submit their invoice to your insurer). Obtain as many reports as possible (in your favour). The second thing worthwhile doing is to engage WorkCover Assist (VIC) for your conciliation hearing. They are really very good and most will fight tooth and nail for you at conciliation. Call them and ask for assistance. We do love Peter C from WorkCover Assist, he is an amazing person who knows the legislation inside out and is often used by certain decent lawyers in conciliation matters. Ask for Peter if possible, but saying that they’re all really good.
      It is highly likely the conciliator will refer the matter to a Medical Panel, and again the more favourable reports and letters you have the better chances you have for a successful outcome.
      Good luck!
      PS there are a couple of articles about conciliation which may be useful (just click on the tag ‘conciliation”, or use keyword conciliation in the search box)

      • @workcovervictim thanks for that advice…… I will ring my lawyer and ask if I get these things or whether they request them. All my dr’s are very supportive so that will be good.

      • @Workcovervictim, many apologies for the thumbs down, wanted to give thumbs up… iPads are not easy to judge finger placement…

  6. Is there anyone on this site that has an upper injury (arm) with limited use that has successfully been re-trained?? if so what was it in?? The NES providers are bloody useless and I’m meant to come up with suggestions. Restrictions state no typing, but providers don’t seem to realise that retraining will most likely involve typing and don’t seem to think that matters and I will just do it.

    • Hi Porsche, WorkcoverVictim (Lisa) suffered / suffers of a severe dominant arm injury with just about zero function. A few surgeries back she asked for re-training (she was a nurse) and opted for a uni course in business management for healthcare, in order to get a ‘desk’/managerial job. The problem, as you well state, is that 1) she could not finish her studies due to worsening condition, and 2) she eventually managed to obtain a desk/management job however got the sack because she was deemed ‘too disabled’. Restrictions included no typing, but she was able to use voice recognition software (dictation), and would have managed reasonably well (at the time – before the worst deterioration) with an under-desk keyboard tray, modified desk (all drawers etc on the left), a trackball mouse that can be operated with both hands *thumbs alone*, no writing but could use dictaphone and transcription. However, as stated she was sacked as it appeared too difficult for her employer to accommodate her restrictions, in particular find a single room/office where she could make use of dictation. There was also teaching to be done as part of her role and she was unable to write on the board for example of stick posters up etc.
      It is very difficult to find a job with a non functioning (and very painful) dominant arm. In the end things got so bad she was declared totally unfit for any remunerative work.
      Driving is also problematic even with a steering knob and automatic as neck movement are affected as well, and reaching indicators etc is impossible, hell anything is difficult (washing hair, getting dressed etc).
      Not many options as far as I know, but perhaps look at some desk job that does not require much typing (and use dictation), at a push call centre work if you get a headset and do not require much writing/typing… Depends if it’s your dominant arm or not I guess and what previous skills you have which may be transferred.
      Receptionist work may be an option, courier if you are comfortable
      driving 1-handed.
      You should see an independent vocational assessor, someone not related to workcover who may be able to come up with some ideas as what you may be able to do, what you like doing and what the best form of re-training might be.
      It’s very very hard indeed, especially of your dominant arm is non-functioning.

      • Thanks for your response….. It is also my dominant arm, and while I do have some use in the arm it’s basically just general things like brushing teeth etc. I also had the voice activated software and strict restrictions and my workplace put me in the too hard basket, while I technically still have a job, i’m one of those who they can’t offer restrictions as they have done the 12 months.

        I just struggle with coming up with retraining options when stirring a coffee can flare up my arm pain for 4 days. I also struggle because the rehab provider is of no use, isn’t that her job?? Maybe I’ll ask for something outlandish like a medical degree. I’ve been told that they won’t fund that high a level, but I figure if that’s my highest qual they should match it. Heading into the main stretch now, hitting the two year mark…..

  7. Go Deluded! Agree with you 100%. Bless all the injured, hurt, permanently disabled, and the ones that are gone (RIP forever in heaven, may you SHINE and be free from pain eternally), unlike all the devils who are involved in the corrupt Work-safe system. May this be a new start for all of us.Love your comments.

    Dijana. Milovanovic December 31, 2014 at 3:24 pm
  8. Hi peeps

    Just a short note to wish everyone the best for the new year and may you all be blessed with good news and good things and health..for 2015….To the insurance Co’s and dodgy IME’s and other scamming crooks may karma bite you on the butt 1000 fold and you get exposed for the BS you put innocent peeps thru and the snail snott you dribble trips/slips you up

  9. Hi peoples, just wondering if anyone can shed some light on my query? after my second conciliation and being issued with a certificate to take my case to court to fight it, why won’t any law firm help me i have been turned away by every single lawyer i have dealt with but they string me out for months every time, they stall for deadlines, and tell me i don’t have a case to win etc

    • @Andrew Love, have you tried Shine Lawyers?

      Their contact details are in the right side column, but are:

      Contact: Senior Partner John Typaldos: Tel: 0409266097 – VIC

      You may have to wait until mid to late January for a reply now, but give them a go…

  10. Has anyone on here ever had to take a OT driving assessment?? just wondering what’s involved etc

    • Do you mean the test for disabled driver, I’ve taken one of them, pretty simple, takes about 2 hours but just common sense stuff, more about what you can do and they are out to help you,. I have damaged right foot and ended up with a left foot peddle, they were really nice carding people but I went to the Canberra office. Not like the rta so don’t stress.

      • Thanks for that Sandra….. I had no idea what it was! I have arm injury and only use one hand driving, i’m assuming i’ll get a thing put on my steering wheel.

  11. I think I have a P.I out the front of my house, just a dude sitting there reading stuff looking at the house every now and then. I have a dog that would not allow them anywhere near the house though would start barking like mad. I just sat in another window and took photos of him in the car!

    • I would call cops and report suspicious activity in the street especially if their are kids living in street or the house he is parked outside off…..thats why we have neighbourhood watch

      • Police will be informed surveillance is going on there and be protecting the operative carrying out the work, police protect and work to help insurance companies.

        • Dear Andrew Love, yes the police are informed who the PI is watching if they don’t forget.However they cannot be seen to favour the PI over a member of the public its a duty of care to the member of the public they are made feel safe and if the PI however does not act in accordance to the law the police have the powers to act.I have been followed so many times and the last time I drove to my nearest police station went in told them the PI sat outside the police came out spoke to him and gave him the instruction to move on.I have found them very helpful and it would appear to me they didn’t hold them with any regard and found them quiet annoying as they have better things to do .

          • Hi all
            Hoping everyone had a safe and happy Christmas.
            Just a quick update on behalf of WCV.
            She has been put back in the ED at hospital on Christmas night so please be patient if you are wondering why your email has not been answered.
            And also please pass on your get well and best wishes though the blog page she will be most happy and might cheer her up a bit.
            Please post any urgent questions you may have on the blog page and I will do my best to help out.

            All the best Captain Harry.

            • Dear WCV,im so sad to hear that you had to go to the ED.Mate all my love and best wishes go to you im thinking about you.xxoo

            • Sorry to hear you are having more health crises Poo. Hang in there, I am ever amazed at your resilience and persistence in what you are doing for your fellow injured workers.

            • @Workcovervictim, All the very best, hoping you are on the road to recovery (as best as you can be)… had a toast to all on here last night, wishing all a better year than the last…

              Cheers everyone, here’s to a brighter 2015…

    • Report him as a pedophile watching school kids.

  12. can anyone tell me if the insurance company asks for a case conference with dr’s do you have to agree?

  13. just curious is there still the karma bus on the site? also is there a list of “famous” case managers?

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