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28 Responses to “Connect”

  1. Not replying , trying to uncover CGU NSW workcover extreme abuse of interstate(Adelaide) injured construction worker.
    Worker at Wagga construction site during 2012 floods.
    Mayor of Wagga denied flooding likelihood till overruled by Sydney SES approx 3pm 04/03/2012, 3hrs before event.
    BMC employer at time of incident 0 emergency e vac plan, 0 compliance remote work code of practice,over 300 on site no safety officer, forced to incompetent company doctor, after assessment by doctor(refused access to this doctor) of own selection within natural disaster area.
    Endless abuse cg u / konect /ime.
    Slater and Gordon of zero use or help? No idea why.
    Subsequent high levels of psych distress and suicide attempts.
    Eventual refusal of compensation, and subsequent financial distress above and beyond the distress that is caused by work cover cutting income to 1/6 of pre injury. Don’t try to tell me that the massive increase in rates of suicide need yet another long-winded pointless investigation; smash the piratical mega abusive insurance companies that endlessly rort hopelessly inadequate work cover legislation; wake up to the fact that as all areas of medical treatment improve so will the initial cost of treatment. the bonus will be in higher levels of return to work with minimal restraints INCREASE WORK-COVER PREMIUMS, THE COST OF THE CURRENT PRACTICE OF ABUSING GENUINELY INJURED WORKERS WILL BE FELT FOR AT LEAST DECADES.

  2. sending my love to lisa xxoo

  3. I noticed the hired gun IME list looks like it has been tampered with? Some of the IME’s have had ‘Good’ reports added to the reviews over a couple of months and usually only a few days apart.

  4. @ Harry, did u withdraw your Super as well as make a TPD claim? How did u go with the TPD? How lonog did it take to process and did the fee include bothe Claims? Did it affect your WorkCover payments or anything? thnx

    • @Bonnie- after going thru this here’s my 2 cents worth;
      When you get your TPD paid out you also get your super paid out at the same time. This is due to the fact your super has the insurance policy attached to it (TPD). Once you are paid out there are no more claims to be made against your policy. I was advised by my industry super fund that my payments, including super, are able to sit in a holding account gaining no interest. Basically your super fund is closed.
      My accountant then advised me that you can roll it over to a new super fund, self manage or withdraw (being taxed heavily if under 55 yrs old).
      I had expected to leave my super with the fund but that is not how it works.
      It would be prudent, if ever having a chance to get back into the work force, to find another super fund with a TPD policy just in case.
      Also get your lawyer to write to CM to confirm it will not affect any of your entitlements- otherwise they will just stuff you around presuming you don’t know your rights-as always.
      Hope this helps

  5. @Tony, going down that path now and it looks like it could be another minefield like WorkCover. Make sure u not only get the Claim Forms but also ask for a copy of the Insurers (or underwriters) Policy document not just a PDF that they will usually give you with very brief info. The Policy doc is more like a legal contract and contacts legal and medical definitions. Also beware of signing their “Authority declarations” as with WorkCover u then give them the right to do anything they want. I intend to give them a restricted “Authority”. I also intend to get mine all put together and then take it to a couple of Solicitors to get opinions before I submit it as they changed the Policy wording not long back about what classifies Total & Permanent Disability and the definition about what is suitable work given your education, training and experience.

    • Dear Bonnie,yes it is a mine field mine is in a lawyers hands.They sent me one form for my doctor to fill out and he did no problem for TPD.BUT then they said weeks later oh no we need another doctor to fill out another form its the same form as the first.They said its legislation two gps have to sign,mind you they admitted liability its in writing but until I get second doctor to sign im stuffed.I only have my gp now as no specialist can help me and no other person treating me can sign because their not a doctor for example my physio etc.So I was told by my super fund I have to find another doctor just go anywhere they said but it does not work that way because a strange doctor they you have raydomley gone to as they said will not sign as they don’t know you I have been to 4 doctors and they all say the same,so im stuffed.Im so lost for words on how I feel, I have just retreated from society and don’t want to talk to anyone.

      • @Tony- sorry just read this comment. Get your lawyer to ask/challenge why you need 2 GP’s asap.
        Is it in their policy, of so they need to email you that bit. Most of the time they are just stalling and throwing their weight around.
        If only they cared about all the fights we go thru before them.
        I had 1 gp and 1 surgeon (not even current surgeon) and their IME, that was for an industry super fund claim.
        Keep going, you have fought this far. It could be the only bit of financial assistance that you see to start a new life after the horrors of wc.

        • Dear Madchief,i said to my super fund if you need two doctors to sign why didn’t you tell me this and send me two forms in the beginning,seems a bit SUS.Oh its legislation will why don’t you tell people this oh no you just dragged it out.I have like a lot of you guys out there been treated like a criminal for four years.Im tired and worn out.When you try so hard to find someone to sign and you continually get rejected over and over it plays with your mind.Sorry guys I have no one to talk to and I just needed to vent.I think in the new year I will go back to the shrink.

          • @Tony, so sorry to hear what you are going through – pls contact us at and we can try to help. You are not alone and we can help you get this sorted.

            • Thanks ADMIN,i have stopped doctor shopping as they call it,as it is doing me more harm than good.I went into a medical center sat down had two so ncalled dependent persons on perscriptions go in a get what they wanted no problems,and I walked out guted no help.So im making a complaint to my super fund and if im not happy I then complain to the super tribunial.So I continue with my fight.I finished one to start another.You guys are my go to to vent you all know what its like HELL.

              • @Tony, We have processed one and two Certificates were needed, one from a medical practitioner and one from a Specialist. They advised this up fron and it was all done and went thru no probs. It was an Industry Super Fund. Now that was to withdraw money under permanent incapacity which is different to a TPD Claim. Feel free to contact us. Perhaps we should get together with Madchef and discuss how to go about all of this and anyone else going thru the same thing. Hang in there buddy.

                • @Tony
                  All depends on what super fund it is Industry funds are quite good.
                  I am with C-Bus and had no problems at all and had Slater and Gordon handle it for me there Fee $9000.
                  But was told non industry funds can be a pain in the arse.
                  Get a good lawyer that only does this type of work and let them handle all the paper work etc.
                  Yes you have to pay But You pay Peanuts you get Monkeys.

      • @Tony, can’t. You see another Dr at the same practice as your normal GP?
        Or could your GP offer some advice, someone he knows who might be able to help..

  6. Hey,can anyone tell me if they have had a problem with TPD claim

    • @Tony.I have just completed that but was not easy. I used lawyers (which take a nice big chunk of it!).
      Even then it took almost 2 years to complete.
      First application denied. Appealed, as I met all criteria of policy for TPD, then they still dragged it out.
      Paid up front for medical reports from surgeons. Make sure you see the reports as my first surgeon filled it out poorly to say the least and finally lawyers made him redo it.
      Next battle is their IME’s.
      Mine was switched on the day of the appointment- no notification even when I checked in to reception!
      no notification to my lawyers either. Very dodgy
      The IME found it quite amusing that I had lost my career of 30 years- even chuckled over it.
      It can be quite a humiliating and discouraging process at times and it is slow.
      According to my policy I was eligible after 6 months. They seem to ignore that- hence 2 years to complete.
      Also contact WC cm to make sure (in writing) that it won’t affect your claim/payments. Then contact your accountant for tax advise as you can loose heaps of it if not careful.
      If using lawyers makes sure that you ask for an itemized account at the beginning of the claim.
      I didn’t, was told by lawyers that if I really wanted one I could but if they found any thing they missed you would be owing even more. That was enough for me to give up on that idea.
      Also if using same lawyer firm make sure that they send all notes etc to your legal team-especially medical reports
      Good luck- its probably an easier fight than WC all things said

  7. I was injured at work over five years ago, I went through the whole rigmarole with Qld WorkCover, IMEs x3, Q-Comp, the regulator, and very little was done, so I have gone further, eg state and federal governments, but they don’t want to know either. So I have gone even further. I fell at work in 2010, I went to my GP (I saw 4 GP’S in four years) the only test that I was ordered initially was an X-Ray, which is good for broken bones but does not show up tendon and cartilage damage. The IME’s that I saw was not until over three and four years later. The MRI’s that I had picked up degenerated bone disease, but this can be caused by a fall (which is what happened to me. The only time that I sought medical assistance for my injuries was on that date, I have the paperwork to prove it.
    What I am after is the number of WorkCover victims state by state before I can take the final step.
    WorkCover is the only insurer that I know of that insures for medically related claims and yet they have no medical staff handling claims.
    The IME’s sprout that they are trained doctors and specialists, but how many codes of ethics, conduct and practice are they in breach of. Also what about the oath they took as doctors are they in breach of that as well?

    • @Kaye, for the number of injured workers in Australia head on over to the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Safework Australia

    • Forget the oath they took , they are a PACK OF LYING CHEATING BASTARDS, This DR Samuell if he has been struck off by the AMA then he should not be seeing anyone if struck off he can not work as any type of DR so if this is true why note tell the AMA AND EVERY BLOODY NEWS PAPER IN THE COUNTRY , this man because that’s all he is, if struck off his reports are not valid ,THEY ARE ALL WORTHLESS ,he has no licence, so start ringing news papers ASAP, HE COULD DO MORE DAMAGE TO SOMEONE they do not take away a licence for no reason it has to be very bad please if you have seen him report it to the news and the AMA.

  8. Hi All, anyone had any dealings with a Dr Philip Sharp who is located at 148 Myers St Geelong. Off for yet another IME. Would love to get the heads up about this guy. 2+ years of dealing with these dickheads and my idiot CM is desperately trying to get rid of me.

  9. Not only do we have to put up with case managers IME and such but your own family and that’s what hurts the most can let you down although they hear and see what you go through they too at times have no idea,you try so hard to keep it together hoping this has to end oneday.You feel so alone,sometimes a total stranger can be kinder,soory guys I just needed to get this off my chest

    • @Tony – I fully UNDERSTAND what you’re saying, and we’ve written previously about such issues (eg. )
      “Sadly what is seriously lacking in the management of injured workers is the addressing of how the injury erodes the family and how the eroded family contributes to the patient’s decreasing motivation to struggle against his limitations. An example is the great efforts workcover insurers make to deny psychological counseling to injured workers, and let’s not even mention couple’s or family counseling, which, in our humble opinion should be mandatory and freely given to all “more seriously” injured workers and their immediate family. This would undoubtedly rescue many families and prevent countless divorces and additional grief.”

  10. Hi has anyone else participated in the Worksafe survey? Any thoughts?
    Another question how to do a background check on doctors? Has anyone used a private investigator for this? I believe an IME doctor I saw has a number of conflicts of interests and want to investigate further before making a formal complaint.

    Workcover survivor January 29, 2015 at 12:04 am
    • @Workcover survivor
      Yep I participated in a survey recently. Could not pass up the opportunity to tell them about my wonderful experience (NOT!!) at the hands of the evil bastards at Allianz(2+yrs). They asked if I would be prepared to answer more wc surveys. YEP!
      Wondering why they are doing them…does someone actually want to know the shit we have to go thru daily?? Would be nice to believe that this is the case…

  11. Hi everyone, just a heads up that our beloved leader Workcovervictim is out of action for a while due to a severe infection & is in the hospital maybe for some time yet. Some patience would be greatly appreciated as replies to emails & blog updates will delayed. Sending her our warmest wishes & support to heal & feel better really soon.

  12. Help needed for Brisbane Workplace bullying psychological trauma – Can you recommend a sympathetic Doctor GP ? My doctor said “I can see a broken arm but I can’t see what’s going on in your head so I can’t say if you have an injury”. I asked “Can’t you use the information from the psychologist I’ve been seeing since having my anxiety breakdown from workplace bullying?”
    Any psychologist with this sort of experience? Mine wanted to send me back to work with breathing exercises after one week off work. Angelrequired in Brisbane

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