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WA real estate agent failed to pay workers comp insurance for staff, supported by GIO at Court

Despite being fined $8000 last Monday for not paying workers’ compensation insurance for staff, a Mandurah real estate agent feels some vindication – the insurance company (GIO) is on his side! WTF!

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Are we interested in guest posts from workcover insurer GIO – WTF?

Oh my goodness gracious me – I nearly fell of my couch reading the following email from an agency asking aworkcovervictimsdiary to consider “them” to produce some “quality content” on behalf of – hold your breath – workcover insurer GIO (!!!)  on our site …..and to (potentially) enter into a longer term “arrangements”…I am lost for words, hell I am mortified, are you?

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Workcover NSW victim shares her story: bullied,harassed & treated like a criminal

A brave workcover NSW injured worker shares her harrowing story with us, which she has also sent  to “A Current Affair”, “Today Tonight”, “7.30 – ABC”, and “60 Minutes”. Again, this injured worker experience with WorkCover NSW, particularly insurer GIO, highlights the ongoing bureaucracy, inadequacy, abuse, pressure, bullying, stress and harassment so many injured workers endure everyday at the hands of their workcover case managers. As we’ve stated many times, humanity is something that is not understood by the workcover system and it’s agents, in Australia.

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Dear Insurer, I don’t like doing business with vultures…

Insurance companies have fingers in many pies, and the same pack of vultures who are making a killing off the plight of injured workers will stop at nothing to win your business.  They have cover for all occasions such as house, house contents, CTP Green slips, comprehensive vehicle insurance, income protection etc.

We have listed the BIG 7 insurers in NSW below and would suggest that if approached by any of the Big 7 to take out other forms of insurance, you may consider sending them a polite letter declining their offers.  You also may consider cancelling any existing policies (ancillary products) you might already have with a scheme agent and get a better price with a non-scheme agent.

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GIO workers compensation bullies and harasses injured worker & even cut off weekly payments on Xmas eve

The heart-breaking stories and experiences from injured workers who are being ill-treated by their workcover Agents are flooding our inbox, which is fantastic – in the sense that injured workers are finally speaking and yelling out! And only by showing those real stories to the Australian public can we affirm – with evidence – that there is, indeed, a systemic pattern of misconduct and abuse, which seems to be the “norm” here and that this is unacceptable and has to stop! Here is “Bunny”‘s horrid story at the hands of workcover agent GIO…

GIO workers compensation bullies and harasses injured worker and even cut off weekly payments on Xmas eve

Injured Worker “Bunny”‘s horrid story at the hands of  GIO workers compensation agent: in her own words

I fell over at work and broke my shoulder and re injured my knee (I had previously been assaulted years ago at work and my knee had been damaged then too). I struggled to continue at work for a year, even had another operation on my knee which was not successful and I stopped working as I could not walk upstairs and was in constant pain.

I had a CM [Case Manager] who told me I had to do what she said or she would not cover me anymore.
I got cut off workers compensation on Xmas eve as [popup url=’’] GIO workers compensation [/popup] said they could not contact me (I could not answer the phone on time).
With the help of my union that got sorted out.

I was sent to rehab where the rehab person stated that no one is sick forever and then told me her medical assessment of my condition even though she was not a doctor.

She [Rehab person] and then the CM [Case Manager]  from GIO workers compensation constantly rang me up at home and threatened me with discontinuing my benefits.

I requested a different rehab company and was told I could not do that (even though the legislation says I can). I was forced to undergo an assessment by this rehab company a few weeks later which cost $6,000 and lasted one hour. It concluded that basically I was unemployable.

Even so [that I was unemployable] GIO continued to harass my doctor and myself wanting me to go back to work.

I was sent to the GIO doctor several times and his reports basically backed up my doctor’s reports but because he stated that I might be able to do some written work, GIO focused on that.

I have had payments delayed, GIO has lost medical certificates (even though they were sent by registered post).

Now I am under Allianz [OMF*G we say, poor Bunny!] who continue to mess up payments and change CMs [Case Managers] so much I don’t know who they are.

I took early retirement, but they still want to get me back to work.

Now the Liberal party are threatening to cut payments and I can’t work, even though before the accidents, I had planned to do casual work in retirement.

This system is so corrupt. There is no accountability (I once rang up Workcover to complain about GIO and they abused me). I have evidence that a person in my previous employment handling workers comp payments was in contact with my CM [Case Manager]  at GIO and tampered with my pay to my detriment, a fault that was corrected by my union and no one was reprimanded.

I have read and re read the various legislations so many times, unlike the CMs [Case Managers] at insurance companies and it is this that has saved me from them many times.

If I could help anyone avoid what I have gone through, it would make me very happy as no one deserves this.

Thank you, “Bunny” for having the courage to speak out!

It is stories like your that need to be heard and seen, in the hope of hopes that it may encourage fellow injured workers to share their stories and experiences in return. Only by showing to the public what is REALLY going on, can we begin seeking legal action to hold these insurance companies accountable for their ill-treatment and behaviour.

The fact is that many, if not all workcover insurance companies and their case managers treat us like criminals and in fact by doing so are negligent to the point of putting our very lives at risk.

As is made very clear through our blog and its interaction with injured workers, the biggest issue is that YOU are not alone, which ultimately means that a pattern has been established by workcover insurance companies. In the interest of saving big money, insurance companies and their employees turn a blind eye to the treatment of injured people whose care is entrusted in them.

All the while many horrible case managers [and therefore workcover insurance companies] continue to do irreparable damage to you [the injured worker] with no regard for your safety, not to mention to the quality of your life.

To Erin Brockovich, the natural next step would be to file a class action lawsuit against what is a horrible, broken system.