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Workcover causes psychological damage to injured workers

Emotional and/or psychiatric injury is so often caused by the interaction(s) with the workcover system, in particular interactions with the insurer (i.e. case manager) and by ongoing stigmatitsation and psychological profiling of injured workers as malingerers, fraudsters, careless and even dumb!

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WorkCover SA biased media sting re fraudulent injured workers

It has come to our attention that WorkCover SA has just published a “media release”, again sensationalising injured workers fraud – utterly pathetic really considering that injured workers fraud consists of about 1% of all workcover fraud (in dollars) and that WorkCover SA itself commits regular fraud by illegally ceasing workcover benefits to genuinely injured workers who are found innocent of “fraud” in Courts!

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NSW workcover changes – check out the rosy scheme

According to author in a write-up on the “Dynamic Business” website, the new NSW workcover reforms appear just rosy for businesses. We could not help but cringe at the number of times the word “incentive” and “discount” are mentioned for “rapidly returning injured workers to work”. Again, guys – especially the more seriously injureds amongst you, read between the lines and make sure you sit well away from your computer screen as you may want to “smash” the screen, or puke all over it.

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Media Bias: WorkCover Sting

The media once again reinforce the stereotype of injured workers as fraudulent malingerers. For every rorter there are 100 genuine cases.  Watching this report one is left with the impression that all injured workers are rorting the system when it simply isn’t the case.  Research indicates less that 1% of workers compensation claims are of a fraudulent nature.

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Teachers claiming thousands of dollars from workcover – WTF

QLD Teachers claiming thousands of dollars from WorkCover for everything from hugs to excessive photocopying… if you can believe the Courier – Mail. For crying out loud, here’s again a classic “write-up” of grossly twisted and exaggerated workcover “cases” ! Note that there is -again- NO evidence provided of said claims, hey – don’t get fooled!… it must be election time or something!

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Public servants paid workers comp for “dirty looks” and a coffee-shop quarrel – WTF

According to the Herald Sun (and Comcare of course), Public servants have been paid workers’ compensation for “dirty looks” and a coffee-shop quarrel, as bullied bureaucrats pocket an average of $251,000 for mental stress. Oh my God, my God, what a pack of lies… as if! It is so sickening reading this article fully knowing that the majority of people who have suffered serious “stress” injuries (as in major psychological damage) at work get their claims automatically rejected. Just read a few of the injured workers’ stories in this site and you will quickly understand how disgustingly skewed “stress claims” are portrayed. Shame on you we say!

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Worker jailed for ‘breathtakingly audacious’ WorkCover Vic fraud

Workcover fraud is frowned on by all. Deepening the stereotype to those who sustain legitimate injury. Time and time again, it is important to remind readers that only 1%  9or less) of injured workers defraud the system. Media sensationalisation has tarred injured workers with an unjust false brush….

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Workers comp fraud: Man escapes jail but ordered to repay $260,000

Despite the fact that fraudulent claims represent a fraction of total claims made each year, the media can’t help but highlight these cases.   How about reporting on the many thousands of genuine claims and the failure of the system to provide adequate care?

And for the record, genuinely injured workers cringe when they hear stories like this because they know that they too are routinely viewed as fraudulent malingerers looking for a free-ride.

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