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Have you suffered a serious injured at work? A Curreny Affair wants to hear from you

It has come to our attention that A Current Affair has posted a call out on their facebook page. They are looking for people who have suffered a serious injury at work. Now is the time to have your say, take the opportunity!

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Traumatised Police officer takes criminal action against Workcover NSW agent

We are delighted that Pat McGarth – the ABC Investigative Journalist – published the following story! A traumatised police officer who suffered physical and mental injuries follwowing a police car accident has launched a private criminal prosecution against workplace injury claims manager Employers Mutual Limited (EML) – an Agent for Workcover NSW, after having been forced to wait efor over a year for a rightful workcover payout. Under New South Wales workers’ compensation laws, failure to decide on a claim within two months is a criminal offence and attracts a fine of $5,500. We are in true admiration of the brave police officer, and so hope she will win the case, and in doing so, set a much needed precedent. Workcover insurers including those in Victoria are still manipulating claims data in order to attract higher financial rewards.

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Workcover causes psychological damage to injured workers

Emotional and/or psychiatric injury is so often caused by the interaction(s) with the workcover system, in particular interactions with the insurer (i.e. case manager) and by ongoing stigmatitsation and psychological profiling of injured workers as malingerers, fraudsters, careless and even dumb!

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Screenshot_2019-05-19 Soula's Chronic Pelvic Pain Story

ABC investigative journalist needs to hear from injured workers

Soula’s Chronic Pelvic Pain Story just shared that an ABC investigative journalist, Pat McGrath is looking into the experiences of people who have been through the workers’ compensation system – and those who are still going through it.

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Injuries & deaths in the construction industry – share your story on camera!

We have recently been contacted by a reputable reporter for a well known TV Channel/programme who is working on a story about injuries and deaths in the construction industry. We’d like to offer any genuinely injured worker, or their relatives and/or any in-or outside whistle-blower an opportunity to share their  story on camera, and / or their perspective on what is really going on in the construction industry.

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Some of the cruel workcover NSW cuts reversed – Media releases

As per yesterday’s article Workcover NSW reforms & cuts being wound back, promising NSW Finance and Services Minister Dominic Perrottet would announce some restorations of benefit cuts to NSW injured workers, here is Perrottet’s media release, as well as well as one from Peter Primrose, NSW Shadow Minister for Finances & Services.

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WorkSafe Vic stops press releases on prosecuted employers

The Age recently reported that WorkSafe Victoria has quietly stopped issuing press releases whenever companies are prosecuted for safety breaches, in order to make the agency less hostile to employers! We can’t help but wonder why the Victorian WorkCover Authority does not – at the same time – quietly stops writing press releases about prosecutions of (the less than 1% ) fraudulent injured workers – often, even before they have been found guilty in a court of law?

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