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Yes you can switch to another workcover lawyer

We recently were appalled to hear from a couple of injured workers that they were being charged exorbitant fees for simple matters such as applying for TPD (Total Permanent Disability). Some paid up to $14.000!!!! Being ripped off would be an understatement indeed! Most personal injury lawyers charge a FLAT one off FEE to file your TPD claim! So you may be better off changing lawyers!

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Injured at work – do not resign from your job

We were  recently contacted again by several injured workers who asked us whether they could or should resign from their jobs. One is a nice woman who broke her heel at work. It lead to a surgery and she is in the middle of physio therapy. Her job requires her to stand all day so she could not yet return to work. But she also stated she never wanted to return because she was worried about having to stand even when the doctor cleared her to do so and also because her boss is a pain in the b*tt. So he asked us, “Can I quit my job right now?”

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Independent Medical Examinations: Frequently asked questions

In this post we have compiled a few frequently asked questions we receive from injured workers with regards to independent medical examinations (IME). These include: Can an IME judge you or down you in his/her report; Can an IME opinion override the medical opinion of your doctor?

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How to make a complaint against your lawyer

If you have a problem with your lawyer, don’t be afraid to complain about your lawyer.
Many injured workers are  scared to complain when things go wrong and are confused, not only about their legal entitlements but also about the complaints system. In this article, we’ll run you through the process of how you can make a complaint against your (rogue) lawyer in Australia.

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If workcover vic fails to respond within 28 days you can go to conciliation

In Victoria, if your WorkCover insurer makes a decision in writing that you disagree with you can appeal the decision at Conciliation. However, what many injured workers don’t know is that if your WorkCover insurer fails to respond to a request within 28 days, you can also lodge a request for Conciliation!

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The injured worker wants to return to work

The injured worker wants to return to work – but is he fit?

As we have highlighted in our previous article, managing work-related injuries can be a delicate exercise, with multiple – and sometimes conflicting – issues. For example, what if the worker has a right to return to work (as set out in a contract of employment) but the employer is concerned they’re still not fit and their return could breach work health and safety laws?

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Workers on long term sick leave can be terminated

A few weeks ago, a hefty discussion took place in response to some comments made by ‘@Help Me’, a worker who unfortunately (allegedly) suffered a psychological injury as a consequence of her employment being terminated after she had to take prolonged time off to care for her terminally ill husband. In injured worker ‘Jo’s’ response to ‘Help Me’ s/he stated the essence of this article: the simple fact is your employment was terminated because you were taking too much time off work ….”. In a nutshell, employers may have a valid reason to dismiss / terminate a worker on long term sick leave.

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Can you lodge a workcover claim after disciplinary action

Diary of a Workcover Victim receives many questions and we regularly try and answer your most frequently asked questions on workcover related issues that you may face. In this article, we briefly discuss whether a worker can make a workcover claim following disciplinary action at work.

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When can a matter be struck out in the NSW Workers Compensation Commission?

Due to an increasing number of matters not being ready to proceed in the NSW Workers Compensation Commission (WCC)  at the teleconference stage, the NSW Workers Compensation Commission (WCC) issued an E-bulletin in November 2013 as to how a matter is to proceed when it is unprepared at a teleconference.

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