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How you conduct yourself during an independent medical examination can help or hurt your case

After your work injury and during the course of your workcover claim, your workcover insurer has a right to and will make you go to what is called an “Independent Medical Examination” or “IME”, at “reasonable” intervals.

The IME is, basically, an examination by a doctor chosen by your insurer who will perform a physical or psychiatric examination, and who will also, often, take your statement of what happened.

Whilst we have written countless articles about IMEs, what their real agenda is, how they operate, how you can “prepare” yourself as best as possible etc;  in this article we highlight that the way in which you conduct yourself during the IME can help or hurt your case, and provide some additional,  important recommendations in preparing for an IME.

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Workcover insurers should be paying claims, not bolstering profits

The workcover system was basically designed to be non-adversarial and for the defendants (that is: the workcover insurer) to properly and honestly pay compensable workcover claims without forcing the injured worker to jump through needless hoops, such as being doctor-shopped (being sent repeatedly and unreasonably to countless independent medical exams;  or file for hearings (i.e. conciliation, arbitration etc) when legitimate benefits are delayed or denied.

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Workplace bullying contributed to the suicide of State school deputy principal says his partner

According to the partner of a former (Burpengary) state school deputy principal, workplace bullying contributed to his tragic suicide. The deputy principal’s workcover stress claim was denied, alleging (as usual dare we say) there was not enough information provided to raise suspicion of misconduct regarding the principal, but the matter was suitable for managerial actions… WTF!

In his suicide note, the poor deputy principal clearly stated that “he was struggling with a huge problem at work …and then another problem hits me (which was a relationship problem), I just can’t cope anymore”.

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Planned WorkCover SA overhaul to help injured workers to regain control of their lives & leave the scheme with dignity

Employers are NOT interested in finding injured workers (suitable) placements in SA.  There is no dignity in being humiliated at work by an employer who has no problem telling the entire workplace that you are not wanted and worthless. So why not dump them in a place where they can’t get Centre link payments and they sit just below the poverty line.

According to our SA based co-author “Trinny”: “These people have no intention of making Workcover in SA dignified. They just want to fall into line with the likes of NSW and trash people“.

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Who judges the judges when one of their own is involved in a legal stoush: Alex Mericka

Who judges the judges when one of their own is involved in a legal stoush? A good question posed and explored by Today Tonight Adelaide, covering the predicament facing injured worker Alex Mericka.

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WorkCover Victoria in massive privacy breach

Victorian WorkCover (aka WorkSafe Vic) CEO Ms Denise “Fish-Face” Cosgrove does it again!

Not even a year into her tenure at the VWA Ms Cosgrove has manage to pull off yet another massive privacy breach of personal data – this time it’s the personal details of 100’s of Victorian injured workers.

If presiding over the biggest privacy breach in New Zealand’s history wasn’t enough for her, Ms Cosgrove has bought her stellar skills across the Tasman to Victoria’s injured workers.

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Australia’s worst occupational health and safety abuse exposed by Four Corners

Has anyone of you seen Monday nights episode of Four Corners on the ABC? Doing what Four Corners is renowned for, the episode “Chemical Time Bomb” exposed one of the most truly shocking occupational health & safety abuses to occur in Australia.

It exposes the repeated cover up by state governments, the lives lost and the compensation denied to Australian workers who were exposed to the herbicide 245T, commonly known as Agent Orange.

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Any publication or comment which offends the dignity of the court is criminal contempt of the Court

We have noticed a that a few highly offensive comments have recently been posted on our site, which we believe we need to urgently bring to your  attention  in order to protect you (the offending commentators) and – most importantly- in order to safeguard aworkcovervictimsdiary’s serioulsy injured site owners from being prosecuted (!)- as these comments crossed way over the boundaries over what is legal to post (publish) and are well into the realm of criminal contempt of court.

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